Ideas to celebrate your birthday party and make it a memorable one.

Ideas to celebrate your birthday party and make it a memorable one.

Adults also celebrate their birthday party

Sometimes it seems that with “You’re an adult”, people can’t afford almost anything. No vices, no fun, no late nights other than for work, no nothing at all. We, who are specialists in madness, know that this cannot be so and that you should not listen to the majority of people, but to what your body asks for and, of course, foryour birthday party it was not going to be less!

There are fewer and fewer adults who throw birthday parties, and it seems that there is a tremendous terror of telling their age, but celebrating and organizing a birthday party does not have to be bland, boring, typical or embarrassing for the birthday boy or girl, there are thousands of ways to do it and, moreover, in a big way!

Having people who love you and appreciate you is very important to be able to carry out your birthday party, but above all to have things clear and the ideas, much more. Having a birthday gives you the right to demand things, like if you want to get a giant teddy bear! And yes, it’s simply because you don’t have to become stale and not indulge in parties like you did when you were 16.

That’s why we want you to have a great time on your birthday, so we leave you with some ideas to make your party memorable.

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The inspiration you need to organize your birthday party

Costume Birthday Party

Okay, you’re not 15 anymore, but… so what? What if you feel like feeling like a teenager celebrating your birthday party in costume? Well, absolutely nothing happens, of course. I mean, maybe your guests will be surprised, but… who cares? The birthday boy is you, right? If they want to go in costume, if not, they should not. This idea is the easiest way to do something easy and fun at the same time, unless you get complicated with period costumes and such -which we don’t recommend, really-. The idea is that in this type of birthday party, everyone can bring out their wildest side and enjoy a relaxed moment, without pressure and without conditions among friends and family.

Birthday party memories

Do you have a friend or family member with a special birthday? All 30? ¿40? ¿50? Well, we bring you the solution! Whether you’re hosting the party or you’re the birthday boy or girl, what you need, the real good kind, is a birthday party of memories. The idea is for friends and family to contribute memories, photos, toys, stories… things that may be important to you and that, of course, can brighten up your birthday. Even, if you want to give life to the idea, what you can do is to take, among all your friends, and dress as you used to dress in those days, taking a photo of you as a reference.

To the rich barbecue

Let’s face it, everyone likes to eat and even more if it’s free and on a birthday. They say that people are conquered through the stomach and this is true. Therefore, a good idea is to have a barbecue party to celebrate the birthday party outdoors, during the day and among friends. A great idea if your birthday is in spring or summer, although it’s a bit weaker if it’s in the middle of the cold season, of course. Moreover, with this party, you can feel like children again and organize games like the ones you used to play at birthdays: the handkerchief, the gymnaca, the little chairs…

Birthday party for your birthday

Who hasn’t noticed that fashion always comes back? Well, now that 70’s, 80’s and 90’s clothing is back in style, you can celebrate your birthday in the style of your era without worrying about guests without “costumes”! Who doesn’t have a shirt, skirt or jacket from yesteryear still in the back of the closet? Nobody and the truth is that there is no better way to celebrate a birthday than reliving your childhood/adolescence/youth, isn’t there? That’s why, at this party, you can all agree to go according to a specific period, for example dressed as you did during your university years, which are the ones that most people remember the most. So, of course, you can party like the good university students you were!

Birthday party in a restaurant

When we talk about a birthday party in a restaurant, we talk about a GOOD birthday party. A BIRTHDAY PARTY come on and we are specialists in that, really. In our restaurant, you will find many options to celebrate your party, whatever it is, but better if it is a birthday party, because we also love to blow out candles.
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