4 drinking games for a bachelorette party

4 drinking games for a bachelorette party

Are you organizing a bachelorette party and need ideas for alcohol? Check out these amazing games to keep you laughing and drinking until you lose control. Take note!

Beer Pong

A game of American origin that you will surely know if you have been on Erasmus in any part of Europe. Beer Pong consists of hitting a Ping Pong ball into the opposing team’s beer-filled glasses so that they have to drink it in one gulp. The rules of the game are simple:

  • Split into several two-person teams.
  • Place 6 triangle-shaped glasses at each end of the table and fill them with beer.
  • Stand behind one of the triangles and try to put the ball in the opposite end.
  • And drink if our opponent dunks the ball into the cup. Simple, isn’t it?



I never

If there is a classic for non-stop drinking this is the “Yo nunca”. This well-known game consists of drinking when you have done something that is being stated out loud. We explain it to you!

  • Sit in a circle and fill your cubatas. You can also choose the shot option if you want to get drunk fast.
  • The first player must say the phrase “I never” followed by something he or she has or has not done on occasion.
  • Whoever has done so should drink.
  • Raunchy questions are perfect during a bachelorette party. Ready to discover your friends’ most intimate secrets?

I would never


Ocalimocho is a hilarious variant of the well-known goose game, in which instead of counting birds we lose count of the glasses of calimocho we have drunk. Take note of the bases!

  • Unload the board, take a die and fill to the top several glasses of calimocho.
  • Depending on the number rolled on the dice, each player must advance through the board and face the fun tests indicated on it.
  • The winner is the first player to reach the last square of the game.
  • Remember, every time you land on a square multiple of 8 you must go 8 by 8 and drink calimocho!

Pass the letter

Who hasn’t ever seen this game in an American college movie? The rules are easy, you have to pass the card to the next participant without using your hands. How? We’ll tell you about it!

  • Sit in a circle and grab your drinks and a deck of cards.
  • The first player must suck in with his mouth and hold the card over his lips without touching it with his hands.
  • In this way, you must pass it to the next player without dropping it.
  • If the card falls both must drink.
  • The laughs are guaranteed!

With these four games the fun at your bachelor parties is guaranteed!