Organize the best dinner with friends

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Organize the best dinner with friends

Prepare a themed dinner for your dinner with friends

In the cold seasons – autumn and winter – it is quite normal that we don’t feel like going out for dinner and then have to change the place, being cold in the street. In winter, people usually prefer to stay at home, but how boring it can be to do nothing on the weekend, right? That’s why most people usually have a dinner with friends at home, where they can enjoy the food and the subsequent drink without having to pay a lot of money and, of course, without having to be cold.
What happens is that, many times, this type of dinner with friends tends to get a little boring because in the end it’s always the same. If you are planning to have a dinner with friends, you better make it themed, right? We know, from our own experience, that making a dinner party is not easy and that, for many, imagination is not so easy to make it fly. For this reason, we leave you the best ideas of
themed dinners
to enjoy a dinner with friends to the fullest.


The four best themes for a dinner with friends

Dinners of “light and color” in the purest Tombola style
Marisol already said that “life is a tombola, of light and color” and that’s why winter is one of the most boring times, and not only because the weather is not suitable for doing anything, but because, in general, there are less hours of light, people dress darker and this makes everything a little more boring than it already is. Therefore, a perfect idea for a theme for your dinner with friends in winter can be to add color to the dinner. This simply consists of choosing a color – or two – and having everything revolve around it: the decoration, the food, even the attire of the guests!

Back to… the past!

Who hasn’t dreamed of going to a vintage dinner sometime in their life? Well, now you can even be the host! The thing is as simple as choosing an era that you like the most and that the theme of the dinner revolves around it. That you choose the 70s? Well, of course, it will all be very Disco Stu: psychedelic colors, flowers, disco music, etc. And if you choose another era, more classy for example, like the 60’s, then the same! Of course, obviously, the guests must be in keeping with the time that is lived from the inside out.

I love X

Who doesn’t have a favorite place in the world? We all have that corner of the world that we would love to go to but for whatever reason, we can’t. Or at least not physically. So, a great idea for your dinner with friends is to theme it with your favorite place in the world. If you decide on this type of dinner, ideally you can recreate the atmosphere on a large scale, with images of the specific place, with the food and, of course, with the typical music of your favorite country. Of course, this is also doable if you’re in the mood for a day of pizza and pasta but don’t want it to be boring.

Movie, dinner, and beers!

Isn’t one of the most typical winter plans “sofa, blanket and movie”? We propose you to do it big. One of the options we suggest is that you all dress up as if you were in a particular movie or TV series, which is also fine. Of course, the most typical will be action or superhero movies, so don’t be shy!
On the other hand, another great option to this might be for you to do a couch, movie and blanket night on a grand scale. Order food delivery, make popcorn in industrial quantities, and enjoy yourselves all dressed in bathrobes! You can’t be more comfortable this way.

Remember that if you want to organize a first class dinner, without messing up your house, without worrying about the decoration and, of course, without worrying about anything going wrong… we will organize it for you!!! And olé.