Games for bachelorette parties

Games for bachelorette parties

What are the best games for a bachelorette party?

In general, women are much more creative than men and this, of course, also happens in bachelorette parties. As things stand now, big luxuries are often no longer allowed, but one of the major requirements of any bachelorette party is that it be fun, otherwise, what memory is left?

So that you can bemuch more creative and put the bride to the test than you had thought possible, we leave you with five games for the best bachelorette party you will ever have.

The five funniest games for a bachelorette party

The potpourri

Who is not a fan of remembering the songs that marked their youth? We’ve all had the urge to play a remix of songs from our younger years. But, to give more excitement to this game, the idea is to choose a list of songs that marked the bride’s life and change the lyrics to her funniest anecdotes. Laughter is guaranteed.

Do you know the bride?

Inspired by the series How I Met Your Mother and its famous flirting game “Do you know Ted?”, this game will put the bride to the test and the girlfriends will enjoy some good laughs. As she is the protagonist of the event, the bride should introduce herself to the people you decide. A very fun game for any bachelorette party.

The proof of love

It is time to test the bride’s knowledge of her future husband. The main idea is that on a series of cards, you write mythical/typical phrases of the groom and give them to the bride. She will have to say whether that belongs to her future husband or not. Yes, this is one of the best ways to make a bachelorette party a bachelorette celebration, so keep an eye out!

I disagree

This bachelorette party game consists of each of you attending the event saying one word. This will have to be related to the next one in meaning -for example, flip-flop with vacation, beach and sea-. The fun of this game lies in the fact that if there is disagreement – in consensus of all – on the word decided, the contestant will be eliminated.

With whom did it happen?

Undoubtedly, one of the best games for any bachelorette party. In this game you will have to tell a story that happened to you with your girlfriend and she will have to say if it really happened or not. It is one of the best ways to remind the bride of the best moments of her life, especially the craziest ones.

Bachelorette party in La Cena De Los Locos

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