The best games to get drunk

The best games to get drunk

Don’t miss these games to get drunk at your dinners.

Who hasn’t been at a dinner party with friends, started drinking and didn’t know any drinking board games? This is very

The game is more typical than it seems, since there are not so many games to get drunk spread around the world. It is clear that, at University, it is much more common to know these types of games, but of course, how many of you are no longer at Unviersity? It is normal that if you no longer attend university classes, you have left behind all that little world and, of course, you have erased from your memory the vast majority of games to get drunk.

As a result, dinners with friends at home can become increasingly tedious and boring. To stop this from happening to you, one of the options you can resort to is getting drunk games, but no, you don’t have to get upside down and end up lying on the floor. So that your dinners are fun again and the alcohol ends up passing better, because yes, there are more games beyond “I never”.

Getting drunk

The four games to get drunk that you need to get to know again

Chained words

Do you remember when, as a child on a car trip, you used to play a game of word jumble? Well, in a nutshell, this game follows the same basis. If you want this to be one of your main drinking games, keep in mind that you need to be relatively calm. To do this, each player must say a word that exists and the next player must say a word that begins with the last syllable of the word said by his or her partner. The order will always be clockwise so that there is no mess. Of course, the player who makes a mistake, makes up a word or draws a blank, BEBE!

Peruvian boat

This is one of the games to get drunk that presents a variation to a children’s game. Do you remember the game “Veo, Veo”? Well, it’s something like that, only that to start the game, the first player must say “The Peruvian boat comes loaded with…” and select a group of things. Here, you can choose from everything – although being a bit concise – such as: marine animals, alcohol brands, tobacco brands, haute couture designers, colors… whatever you want! Of course, whoever draws a blank, makes a mistake or invents something, BEBE!


The fortune teller

Who doesn’t have a pack of cards at home? Well, believe it or not, they can save us on more than one occasion, like this one. With cards, you can make many games to get drunk, but our favorite is this one. To play this game, all you need are the cards and a little attention. The first thing to do is to shuffle the cards and place them in the center of the table. The player who starts must pick up the first card and, to start the game, must say whether the next card will be greater, lesser or equal to the one already on the table.

If he is wrong, he drinks. If you get it right, drink the rest. And if you get “equal” right, you ALL drink double.


The piggy bank

No, we are not going to make you put money for a trip when you are half drunk, but surely more than one of you has seen this game in a video on the internet. The idea is that, on a smooth surface, you bounce a coin -a small one- and put it in a glass or any other type of container. The funny thing is that the one who tosses the coin will be the one in charge, unless he does not put the coin in the glass, in which case he will drink. If the coin hits an edge, the game is repeated. If you make a hit and a basket, shots are added. As soon as the player fails, he/she will distribute the accumulated shots. Believe it or not, you will end up drunker with this game than with any other.


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