5 gifts for a bachelorette party

5 gifts for a bachelorette party

bachelorette party
involves weeks and weeks of preparation on the part of all the members. Location, costumes, games and, above all, lots of imagination to prepare the perfect party. So that everything goes as planned and you can put the best finishing touch to the party we leave you with 5 ideas for gifts for the bride-to-be. Don’t miss it!

1. The wedding night babydoll

A true classic when it comes to bachelorette party gifts. You will not be original but you will give her a gift that she will use for sure, both on her wedding night and for the rest of her marriage. Depending on the bride’s taste, you can opt for a more traditional option or other more innovative and suggestive ones.

light farewell

2. Survival kit for the bachelorette party

Do you think you can survive the bachelorette party your friends have prepared for you? Several days of parties, alcohol and, above all, lots of laughter for which you will need some essentials to keep you going. In a bachelorette party kit you can include everything you can think of that the bride will need during the celebration: band-aids, hangover pills, tissues, deodorant, makeup to touch up, and even sunscreen if you are going to the beach. Anything goes!


3. A blue garter belt for the big day

In the world of weddings, traditions are more alive than ever. No bride wants her big day to be spoiled by ancient superstitions, so they follow to the letter all the practices that should be performed at her wedding. One of the best known for starting the marriage with good luck is to wear something blue and given away. A garter belt in this color thus becomes one of the perfect gifts for the bride’s bachelorette party.

4. Erotic toys to uninhibit yourself and your partner

Maybe there are erotic toys that can be very personal but there are others that can be a lot of fun to liven up any of the nights of the future marriage. Erotic dice, for example, are an excellent option so that the routine does not stagnate in the future couple and uninhibited every night of their lives. Ready to let your imagination run wild?


5. A photo album with the memories of a life together.

Bachelorette parties are also a good time to get intimate and remember each and every moment you have spent together. Surely, each of the friends you are with will have come into the life of the bride from a different time and through a photo album with phrases and cut-outs of memories can be one of the most beautiful ways to remember them. Anything goes in this very personal gift: plane tickets, concert tickets, restaurant cards… You just have to remember the best moments together and capture them in this book for her to keep forever.

farewell gift album And you, do you already have everything ready for your friend’s big night? Discover the best plans for a bachelorette party in Valencia and make it become one of the most unforgettable moments of your life.