Ideas and activities to organize a bachelor party in Valencia

Ideas and activities to organize a bachelor party in Valencia

Organizing a bachelor or bachelorette party in Valencia does not have to be an impossible mission. If you are the person in charge of the arduous task of surprising the honoree and entertaining the guests like never before, you are in luck. Here are some twenty activities for an original and memorable farewell “forever and ever”.

Twenty (20) ideas for bachelor/bachelorette parties

Parties in Valencia for all tastes, types of groups and ways to have fun.

Mixed (for the bride and groom and their friends)

Party on board a ship
. This is a growing trend. It is a valid alternative for a heterogeneous group of friends and relatives of the bride and groom.

Dinner show in Gandía
. In one of the main themed restaurants in the city, famous for offering fabulous entertainment packages for stag and hen parties.


3) Two unique days in a hotel with Spa. A couple of days of relaxation in one of the most comfortable hotels. Guests will enjoy it to the fullest.

4) A different kind of weekend. Many couples and their friends choose a getaway to escape from routine and get as much rest as possible before the wedding. A rural destination is a good alternative.

5) Water activities Four hours of water activities that will be extremely exciting for the honorees and their loved ones. Groups with excess weight and little desire to move: abstain.

6) A disco for the bride and groom and theirs. It is fashionable to rent a discotheque. Of course, this is an option for large groups. It is an original and fun alternative.

Escape room or the game of detectives
. As if they were the protagonists of a detective TV series, the engaged couple and their intimates take part in a wide range of intelligence tests that will put their wits and mental agility to the test. Special for groups of intellectuals and academics.

The madmen’s dinner
. It is a dinner show in a restaurant set as if it were a psychiatric hospital. It is the most fun themed restaurant in Valencia and one of the most chosen for farewell parties.

beach bachelorette party

Ideal for them

9) Jet skis and pure adrenaline. Men are fascinated by “riding” waves in the sea. Renting a fleet of jet skis for 30 minutes or an hour can be the best complement for a bachelor party on the beach(beach party).

10) Bubble soccer: guaranteed fun. For an unforgettable bachelor party with more than eight guests, nothing better than this unique sport. Each player is equipped with an inflatable ball that makes bubble football an unparalleled adventure activity.

11) Ski bus or water banana. For young lovers of adventure in the water. Who will be the last to fall? Well, that will be the winner.

Wine tasting in a good winery
. It is an option that will surprise friends and relatives of the groom. Together with the latter, they will taste the spirits and bubbles that will be served at the wedding. It is suggested for groups of mature men who love good conversation.

Flying jet ski
. The flyride is the newest thing in bachelor parties. It’s like riding through the water on a motorcycle pulled by a fast, powerful and light boat.

Yellow humor in Valencia
. It is a series of outdoor games, highly original and fun. The result? A unique competition between laughter and physical challenges.

farewell ideas

Exclusive for women

Photo Gymkhana with the bride
. The friends of the honoree will have a photographer ready to bring out the best in them. The pre-wedding photo session is a fun option that will leave indelible memories.

Beauty party
. Ideal for beautifying the body and face before the wedding. A unique time for the bride and her friends to get even more beautiful and, as if that were not enough, have fun with karaoke in a private room.

17) Stripper show. Sensual and high voltage dances for a night for single women willing to disconnect from everything and everyone.

18) Party at the discobus. This is a party for a small group on board the craziest and coolest minibus in Gandía.

Shopping trip by limousine
. Luxury limousine rentals are already a popular choice for weddings, but what better way to use them as a means of transportation to an afternoon of shopping? They will love the idea.

Spa with friends in Valencia
. This is a sophisticated 90-minute spa circuit specially designed for the bride and her closest women to relax and enjoy some time exclusively for them.

Among these plans in Valencia for farewell, choose the option that best suits your needs and get ready to organize the farewell with a single goal: to have a great time. Let’s go for it!