6 remedies to avoid hangovers after a bachelor or bachelorette party

6 remedies to avoid hangovers after a bachelor or bachelorette party

Did you celebrate your friend’s bachelor or bachelorette party yesterday and woke up with a headache that you can’t remember half of the night? Relax, you have a hangover. Nausea, dizziness, vomiting and an incredible general malaise are the main symptoms you present. If you want to avoid them, don’t miss out on our
6 remedies to avoid hangovers
after a good binge. Take note!

  1. Hydration

Drinking alcohol in excess makes us dehydrated because the liver uses water to process these types of spirits. When we go out, we feel an increasing need to drink because of dehydration and, as a result, we drink without limit. Drinking water the next morning will help us rehydrate our body and gradually make us feel better.



  1. Juices and isotonic drinks

Not only water can help us fight hangovers, juices and isotonic drinks are among the best remedies to revive our body. Natural juices contain vitamins that, in addition to helping us feel better, have a positive effect on our organism. Isotonic drinks, on the other hand, help us to recover the mineral salts we have lost during the night.


  1. Combats headaches


The greatest of our woes when we are hungover is the tremendous headache that makes us unable to even get out of bed. Taking a paracetamol, ibuprofen or aspirin is one of the best remedies to combat this persistent pain. However, be careful with medications such as paracetamol, as your liver has already worked enough for tonight.



  1. Restorative showers


A good shower will not only help you clear your head, but the vapors produced by the hot water will help relieve your headache. In addition, after consuming alcohol your body tends to purify all those toxins so giving you a water will be something much more than necessary.

  1. Eat what you need


Your body is likely to ask you to eat burgers, chocolate and unhealthy foods after a night of partying. This is due to the amount of glucose you lose while drinking. So, listen to your head and take a good shot of sugar. As long as your stomach allows it.




  1. Sleeps like a dormouse


If nothing can make your hangover go down, the solution to all your ills is to go back to bed. Surely, when you wake up you will notice a great improvement due to the accumulated rest.



Do you have any tricks to combat hangovers? Share it with us and help us make our mornings after a binge magical.