3 games for fun company dinners

3 games for fun company dinners

▶ 3 games for the most fun company dinners 🔥.

If there is something equally dreaded and loved in every person’s working life, it is the company dinner, no matter if you are an employee or a boss. These dinners bring the whole company together so it can be a real madness or just a fun and different gathering of friends. In any case, the company dinner kicks off the rest of the Christmas celebrations and, of course, it is the moment when everything is known.

Coworkers are, after all, like our second family and sometimes our first because of all the time we spend with them. The point is that these parties can be a bore or so much fun that they end up in breakfast. If you want to organize one of the best parties for these dates, don’tmiss the three games for the company dinner that we propose! They all encourage contact, companionship, integration and teamwork. For this reason, many experts in business psychology recommend doing this type of exercise at key moments, such as the company dinner.

Fun company dinners


Mises of the company

A fun game that will help employees get to know their colleagues, both before and during dinner, is The Mises of the Company. This game consists of awarding prizes to four of the company’s employees. To this end, a few weeks beforehand, all employees will be asked to choose the mises. The idea is to select some well-known characters – Superman, Hulk, etc. – and let them choose the mises. In this way, the one with the most votes for a particular character will be chosen. This, together with a company personnel handbook, can be a great benefit, as not only do colleagues in the same department get to know each other, but also people, departments and managers. This type of game will make the presentations and the dinner itself much less tense, since we will know who we are talking to, or at least we will sense it. It is not the same to know that you have been assigned next to X of the department as it is to know that you are sitting next to the guy in the maroon shirt.

The prize to be awarded is, of course, a sash with Miss or Mister and the name of the character, a bouquet of flowers and some detail related to the character.

The hot seat

During dinner, it is quite normal to talk only with the people around you. To encourage integration and fellowship, between courses, the table organizer should remember to make a change. This is one of the best games for the company dinner, as it is a time of chaos, but of pure chaos! fun! This, as we have already said, encourages integration in the company, but it will also help managers and senior management to have direct contact with their employees and not just focus on talking to senior management, with whom they always have contact. Clearly, it is very important to be clear about what kind of company we are. It is one thing if it is a small or medium-sized company, in which, more or less, you can have a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere, and another in which you have to keep your manners. Still, it can be a great way to encourage and improve the bonds between colleagues and, in the end, the company’s organizational chart is not as important as employees may see it. Combining the two previous games can be one of the best ideas since we will not only get all the employees and staff of the company to interact, but also to get to know each other or at least know which people work with them.

Overruns the boss

In small companies this does not happen, but in medium and large companies, few enjoy the pleasure of being able to contact the top boss directly. One of the best games for the company dinner, which will allow the boss to contact his employees directly, is this one. To do this, employees will be divided into three teams – avoiding the most common work groups and peer groups – and set a challenge: get the boss to do a specific and somewhat committed action.

The winning group will receive a prize and, of course, a standing ovation from the other groups. In this way, we will get the boss, or group of company managers, closer to their employees than ever before. It is true that this game can be complicated from time to time, but it can also become one of the best ways to get to know employees, for them to get to know each other and at least once a year to get away from the seriousness of many companies, which is something very important for most employees nowadays.

If you are not the most creative or you don’t feel like eating your head off with the pre, during and post of the company dinner, don’t worry because it has a solution! Leave in the hands of professionals what you don’t know or don’t want to do and celebrate your company dinner in the best theme restaurants in Valencia:La Última Cena Restaurant, CayoCoco Restaurant or La Cena de los Locos Restaurant!