5 Quizzes for a Beach Gymkhana for your Bachelorette Party

5 Quizzes for a Beach Gymkhana for your Bachelorette Party

The gymkhanas are becoming a real classic of the bachelorette parties.
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. Testing the bride’s sense of humor with the goal of having a good time outdoors before the big wedding is the key to any bridal shower. That’s why in today’s post we’ve compiled five fun quizzes to hold a gymkhana on the beach during your best friend’s bachelorette party. Take note!

beach bachelorette party

  1. Selling cold beer at one euro

To start with a simple test and for the bride to gradually lose her embarrassment, one idea is to have her sell cold beer for one euro as if she were a street vendor. To do this, you will have to provide him with a plastic cooler full of drinks and put his lungs to the test. How long will it take to get the amount you allocate?



  1. Improvised Zumba teacher

Now that the embarrassment has begun to fade and the desire to have a good time begins to press you will have to make it a little more difficult for your friend. In this test she will have to get a group of 10 kids and become their impromptu Zumba teacher. To the rhythm of the music they must follow the choreography that she creates as if she were a real personal trainer.



  1. Homemade wedding dress

Tradition says that the groom cannot see his future wife dressed in white before the wedding but no one has said anything about her friends. In this test, the bride must unleash her imagination and create a real wedding dress with a roll of toilet paper and anything else she finds on the beach. When she is ready she should find a guy willing to take a picture with her as if they were husband and wife.

wedding gown

  1. Get the phone number of five boys

The tests are passing and the atmosphere is heating up. If you want your friend to start sweating with the tests, the spicy content cannot be missing. After dressing up as a bride in anticipation, she must get five beach boys to give her their phone number. Do you want to make it harder for them? Take away her cell phone and suggest that she use her body as a notebook. What will be the weirdest place where they will write you a phone number?

5 small telephones



  1. Peppermint condom

The laughter does not stop and the hot tests begin to flood the atmosphere. To top off this fun bachelorette party your friend will have to get a guy to give her a condom. But not just any one, the bride-to-be must specify that she wants a mint condom because it leaves her breath fresh. Can you imagine the faces of the men on the beach? Fun is guaranteed!



With all this evidence the only requirement you need to have a great day is to leave your embarrassment at home and bring a lot of fun, you will remember this bachelorette party for the rest of your life!

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