6 original costumes for a bachelor party

6 original costumes for a bachelor party

Dressing up at bachelor parties
bachelor parties
is becoming a real classic to liven up even more this great day. If you are preparing the farewell party of your friend and you have not yet chosen a costume for the big day, we leave you six original and fun ideas so that no one goes unnoticed during this celebration and that it is an unforgettable experience.
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Don’t miss out!

  1. Cops and thieves

A classic among classics and perfect for playing the best jokes on the groom. The group of friends will dress up in your best clothes as policemen and your friend will have to dress up as a thief and play the worst pranks you can think of for having decided to get married. Does he deserve a real penance for it? I’m sure you’re already thinking about how to surprise him with some handcuffs in between.

cops costume

  1. Snow White and the Dwarfs

Disney movies never fail in the world of costumes and for bachelor parties there are perfect ideas. Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs’ is a classic that you can reinvent to have a few laughs on this great day. Obviously, you will have to disguise the groom as Snow White and your friends will be the dwarves who go to work in the mine. Will you get him to bite into the poisoned apple? Just to see him dressed as Snow White will be worth it!

snow white costume

  1. Little Red Riding Hood and the wolves

We continue with children’s stories for an evening that promises to be memorable. How about dressing up the groom as Little Red Riding Hood while your friends turn into a real pack of wolves? Surely the jokes throughout the night are assured with this curious attire. Get ready to howl!

little red riding hood

  1. The Beach Watchers

More and more people are deciding that the beach is the best place to start a bachelor party. If this is your case, we have the perfect costume for the whole group: you are going to become the authentic Beach Watchers. But, without a touch of humor this costume loses its humor. How about dressing the groom as the real Pamela Anderson and you get into the shoes of Mitch Buchannon? The success of this costume is assured?


  1. Borat

Continuing with the beach theme, there is a classic in bachelor parties that never fails for the groom to remember this great day for a lifetime. Ever since the movie Borat was released, the main outfit of this fictional character from Kazakhstan has become a real classic to give the main character of the day a hard time. Can you imagine your friend wearing a phosphorescent green thong up to his shoulders? Stop imagining it and make him wear it without thinking about it!

borat costume


  1. Batman and Robins

Does your group of friends like superheroes? Then you’re sure to love the idea of transporting the night of the bachelor party to Gotham City itself. The groom will become Batman for a few hours and all the friends will be his inseparable henchman Robin. Ready to don your superhero costume?


And you, which of these 6 costumes do you choose to enjoy the most impressive night of your lives?