5 Quizzes for a Beach Gymkhana for your Bachelorette Party

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The gymkhanas are becoming a real classic of the bachelorette parties. bachelorette parties . Testing the bride’s sense of humor with the goal of having a good time outdoors before the big wedding is the key to any bridal shower. That’s why in today’s post we’ve compiled five fun quizzes to hold a gymkhana on […]

5 plans to beat the heat in Valencia

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Temperatures are starting to rise and it is a clear symptom that summer is coming to the city of Turia. The arrival of summer increases the desire to spend time outdoors, especially if we think of activities to cool off. Therefore, today we bring you five plans to beat the heat in Valencia.   The […]

6 original costumes for a bachelor party


Dressing up at bachelor parties bachelor parties is becoming a real classic to liven up even more this great day. If you are preparing the farewell party of your friend and you have not yet chosen a costume for the big day, we leave you six original and fun ideas so that no one goes […]

4 drinking games for a bachelorette party

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Are you organizing a bachelorette party and need ideas for alcohol? Check out these amazing games to keep you laughing and drinking until you lose control. Take note! Beer Pong A game of American origin that you will surely know if you have been on Erasmus in any part of Europe. Beer Pong consists of […]

Games for bachelorette parties

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What are the best games for a bachelorette party? In general, women are much more creative than men and this, of course, also happens in bachelorette parties. As things stand now, big luxuries are often no longer allowed, but one of the major requirements of any bachelorette party is that it be fun, otherwise, what […]

Organize the best dinner with friends

Prepare a themed dinner for your dinner with friends In the cold seasons – autumn and winter – it is quite normal that we don’t feel like going out for dinner and then have to change the place, being cold in the street. In winter, people usually prefer to stay at home, but how boring […]

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