7 ideas for a bachelorette party

7 ideas for a bachelorette party

Organizing your friend’s bachelorette party can be a nightmare. if you have no idea how to do it. Therefore, we propose a series of fun ideas for you to have a great time, both day and night.


  1. Charanga

If your group of friends are passionate about village festivals, revelry and fun, hiring a brass band is the best idea you can think of for a bachelorette party. To the rhythm of the most popular songs and accompanied by an exclusive music band you will go through the streets of the city taking the party to every corner.


  1. Boat Party

Have you always wanted to attend a party on a boat but never had the chance? The Boat Party is the perfect option to combine party and glamour in your celebration. You will be able to enjoy the music of live DJs while you have a great time dancing and getting into the high seas. Ready for boarding?

  1. Karaoke

A classic of any celebration to laugh out loud watching the artistic imitations of your friends. From the one who thinks she’s an artist and imitates Mariah Carey with a thousand cocks, to the shy one who surprises you by raising the temperature to the rhythm of Rihanna. Karaoke can be the perfect option to start the night and have a great time. Are you also a fan of singing?

  1. Beauty Party


Are you looking for a quiet farewell party to have a good time among friends? In a Beauty Party you will not only enjoy together but you will also have a beauty session to be ready for the night. In addition, this activity is perfect to combine with a spa circuit and relax for hours. Forget wedding worries while you take care of yourself!

  1. Escape room

If your group of friends is passionate about board games and, in particular, escape games, this is the activity for you. Imagine that you are locked in a room where you must find a series of clues to get out. A puzzle that will test your imagination, logic, intelligence and, of course, friendship. Ready to solve the riddle?

  1. Paintball

The battlefield is set for the most fun competition you can imagine. Loaded with pressure guns that shoot paintballs, you will have the opportunity to feel like real guerrilla fighters in a Rambo movie. Who will be the winner who will manage to win? Remember, there can only be one left.

  1. Yellow humor

Remember that Asian TV show where contestants spent more time falling than running? Reality has crossed the screen for you and your friends to have a great time with the most hilarious tests you can imagine. For this activity you will have to split into two teams and fight against each other to win the prize of the competition. Are you ready to put on your yellow humor suit?


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